Welcome to COMAN: a COmprehensive Metatranscriptome ANalysis web-server

This web-server was designed to analyse the metatranscriptome (Microbiome RNA-Seq) data generated from Next-Generation Sequencing. The pipeline includes the following main steps: (for detailed instructions, please check this page)

  1. Quality Control/Filter;  explain
  2. Removal of non-coding RNA;  explain
  3. Map sequence reads to NCBI reference genomes;  explain
  4. Functional annotation of the sequence data, base on step 3;  explain
  5. Functional analysis and figure/table generation.  explain

After raw Illumina reads are uploaded by users to COMAN, it will automatically perform all analyses and, after job completion, will return the essential data in a table form (allowing the users to conduct their own statistical or other analyses) and provide easy-to-understand figures for the last step "Functional analysis", which currently involves:

  1. Functional profiling of all samples, based on COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) or KO (KEGG Orthology Groups) functional groups;
  2. Differential expression analysis (at the level of COG or KO);
  3. Pathway inference and enrichment analysis (KEGG Pathways, KEGG Modules, MetaCyc Pathways);
  4. Taxonomic contribution to differential expression;  explain
  5. Taxonomic distribution of expression levels;  explain
  6. Co-expression network analysis.

A sample input dataset has been created HERE to guide users on data formatting requirements and can also be used to try out the server (by clicking the "SampleData" button below). In addition, the analysis output of a more complete dataset derived from a human gut microbiome project is available and viewable as Example Data Output.

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